Getting through BMT

I'm not going to sugarcoat it. BMT is not only difficult for your trainee, but it can be difficult for you as well. Tips to help take your mind off of the separation are to focus on yourself and improve something in your life while they are away at BMT. Remember that they chose to serve and you are here to support them without being too invasive. Let them experience the BMT challenge without you hovering over them and constantly worrying about their welfare. I promise, the United States Airforce has their wellbeing in check. Yes, they will have struggles and they might even second guess their decision, but it will be a learning experience that will help them grow into strong American Airmen. Your most proud moment will be the day when you get to see them in that uniform! So find something to focus on that your Airman will be excited to hear about. Be Airman proud and hang in there. #awfo2020 #americanwarriorfamilyoutfitters #airforcefamilies #airforcemom #airforcewife #airforcegirlfriend #airforcemoms #airforcedad #militarytshirts #lacklandafb #bmtgraduation #basictraining

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