Being a Military Mom

It has almost been a year since my son left for BMT. I remember crying every day when he left. It was a helpless feeling not knowing if he was going to be okay. I wondered if he was getting enough to eat or getting hurt during PT. Yes, that is what mothers do, they worry.

For all of you new Air Force is going to be okay. It is tough watching our babies grow up, experience pain and discomfort, and to see them struggle.

What helped me get through the BMT process? I tried to focus on the positive things my son had in his future. I posted something every single day about an event that happened in his life and I wondered how that event was a building block to him becoming a US Airman.

I reflected on what his life would be like if he had not joined the service. This is when I began to stop reflecting on negative thoughts and became a PROUD MILITARY MOM!

My conclusion came to this...We don't really know God's plan for our children. He gives us the duty of raising them into healthy adults who are taught about making life-changing decisions. We just have to trust that they will make it through and be able to look back on it knowing they made the right choice.

All you can do now is support them, love them and pray they will follow what you have taught them. You already have a proud moment to celebrate. They decided to join and that is a huge commitment. Be proud to be their MOM. Be Airman PROUD!

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