Becoming an Airman

It's something all parents must face someday. What is it? It's the difficult task of letting our children spread their wings.

Letting go is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do as a parent, but I knew it had to be done. We all want our children to become successful adults and each child has their own path to take them there. My youngest experienced college life and played college baseball. He dreamed of the possibility of pursuing a baseball career. He was in Austin studying and playing the game he loves. But something didn't feel right. He felt something was missing and he decided to shift his career aspirations. After a long talk on the back porch, his father and I convinced him that the military would help him grow and get him focused on his new adventure. This is where his life changed for the betterment for him and his new bride.

So, he went to the local Air Force recruitment office and began the lengthy process of becoming a United States Airman.

I've read where many of your trainees have been struggling with the waiting period to be able to head out to BMT. Trust me. We dealt with the waiting period and it was before COVID19. So, if you are doubting your decision to enlist or you are just plain tired of waiting, it's worth the wait. I've watched my intelligent, athletic "baby" become a man in less than a year's time. He's thriving more than he did in college. He's making adult life-changing decisions on his own. But most of all, he's now helping to protect our great country! Stay strong. Hang in there. Never give up on your dream. And aim high!! #awfo2020 #usaf #airforce #wingmom #wingmoms #militarytshirts #lacklandafb #bmtgraduation #basictraining

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